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The Executive Committee members are as follows

Dr Mauchumi S Pathak.jpg

Dr. Mauchumi S. Pathak 


Anindita Paul.jpg

Dr Anindita Paul


Dr Rumi Deori.jpg

Dr Rumi Deori

Jt. Chairperson Scientific Committee 

Dr Ruplekha Chakraborty.jpg

Dr Ruplekha Chakraborty

Chairperson Corporate Affairs

Dr Barnali B Thakur.jpg

Dr. Barnali B Thakur

Chairperson Student affairs 

Dr Mousami Salkia.jpg

Dr Moushumi Saikia

Vice President

Dr Pratim Gupta.jpg

Dr Pratim Gupta

Jt. Treasurer

Dr Ashikh Seethy.jpg

Dr Ashikh Seethy

Chirperson IT & Publication

Dr Suman Chanda.jpg

Dr Suman Chanda

Jt Chairperson Corporate Affairs

Dr Anju Barhoi.jpg

Dr. Anju Barhoi

Jt Chairperson Student Affairs 

dr sukla das.jpg

Dr Sukla Das

General Secretary

Dr Teresa Biswas.jpg

Dr Teresa Biswas

Chairman Scientific Committee

dr sherin gogoi.jpg

Dr Sherin Gogoi

Jt Chirperson IT & Publication

Dr Jayanta Das.jpg

Dr Jayanta Das

Chairperson Branding and Communication

Dr Madhurima Bora.jpg

Dr Madhurima Bora

Chairperson Academic Section 

Dr. Dibyaratna Patgiri.jpg

Dr Dibyaratna Patgiri

Asst. General Secretary

Dr Syeda Mohsina Rohman.jpg

Dr Syeda Mohsina Rohman

Jt. Chairperson Scientific Committee 

Dr Tridip Kutum.jpg

Dr Tridip Kutum

Jt. Chirperson IT & Publication

Dr malvika Barman.jpg

Dr Malavika Barman

Jt Chairperson Branding and Communication

Dr Firdushi Begum.jpg

Dr. Firdushi Begum

Jt Chairperson Academic Affairs

Executive Committee General members

Dr Madhumita Das.jpg

Dr. Madhumita Das

Dr Monalisa Kalita.jpg

Dr. Monalisa Kalita

Dr Reepa B Choudhury.jpg

Dr Reepa B Choudhury

Dr Chitralekha Gogoi.jpg

Dr. Chitralekha Gogoi

Dr Fawzia Zaman.jpg

Dr. Fawzia Zaman

dr sanjay kumar agarwal.jpg

Dr. Sanjay Agarwala

Dr Bobby Das.jpg

Dr Bobby Das

Dr Alteza Tahziba jahir.jpg

Dr Eltiza Zahir

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