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Andhra Pradesh

The Executive Committee members are as follows

Dr Desai Vidya Sripad.jpg

Dr Desai Vidya Sripad


Dr T Sibi Mandela.jpg

Dr T Sibi Mandela

State representative to Central committee

Dr Montosh Chakraborty.jpg

Dr Montosh Chakraborty

General Secretary

Dr N Gautam.jpg

Dr N Gautam

Incharge, Education and training

Dr MA Bari Siddiqui.jpg

​Dr. MA Bari Siddiqui

Chairperson Scientific Committee

Dr V Naga Guhan.jpg

Dr V Naga Guhan


Executive Committee General members

Dr K Bharath Kumar.jpg

Dr K Bharath Kumar

Dr Sadiya Sanjer.jpg

Dr Sadiya Sanjer

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