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The Executive Committee members are as follows

Dr Mahesh Madole.jpg

Dr. Mahesh Madole


Dr Amit Maheshwari.jpg

Dr. Amit Maheshwari

Chairperson Scientific Committee

Dr Anita Motiani.jpg

Dr. Anita Motiani

General Secretary

Dr Shaheed Mansuri.jpg

Dr. Shaheed Mansuri

Jt. Chairperson Scientific Committee

Dr Vasantpuri Gosai.jpg

Dr. Vasantpuri Gosai


Dr Rosy Lekharu.jpg

Dr. Rosy Lekharu

Chairperson Student Affairs

Dr Dharmik Patel.jpg

Dr. Dharmik Patel

Jt. Treasurer

Dr Hardik Kumar N Javia.jpg

Dr. Hardik Kumar N Javia

Chairperson IT and Publication

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