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The Executive Committee members are as follows

Dr Biswajit Mohanty.jpg

Dr. Biswajit Mohanty


Dr Tapaswini Pradhan.jpg

Dr. Tapaswini Pradhan


Dr Saurav Patra.jpg

Dr. Saurav Patra

Vice President

Dr Nirupama Devi.jpg

Dr. Nirupama Devi

Chairperson Scientific Committee

Dr Suchitra Kumari.jpg

Dr. Suchitra Kumari

General Secretary

Dr Suchismita Panda.jpg

Dr. Suchismita Panda

Jt. Chairperson Scientific Committee

Dr Rashmita Padhy.jpg

Dr. Rashmita Padhy

Assistant General Secretary

Dr Sumit Jhajharia.jpg

Dr. Sumit Jhajharia

Chairman Students Affairs Committee

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