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The Executive committee members are as follows

Dr (Lt Col ) Arun Kumar Harith1.jpg

Dr. ( Lt. Col.) Arun Kumar Harith


Dr Reetika Saini.jpg

Dr. Reetika Saini


Dr ( Lt Col ) Ravi Kapoor.jpg

Dr.( Lt. Col.) Ravi Kapoor

Chairman Students Affairs Committee

Dr Binita Goswami.jpg

Dr. Binita Goswami

Vice President

Dr Shiba Ansari.jpg

Dr. Shiba Ansari

Jt. Treasurer

Dr. Deepa Haldar.jpg

Dr. Deepa Haldar

General Secretary

Dr ( Lt Col) Deepika Gulati.jpg

Dr.( Lt. Col.) Deepika Gulati

Chairperson Scientific Committee

Dr Saswati Das_1.jpg

Dr. Saswati Das

Assistant General Secretary

Dr Seema Patel.jpg

Dr. Seema Patel

Jt. Chairperson Scientific Committee

Executive committee general members

Dr Sudip Datta.jpg

​Dr. Sudip Datta

Dr Charu Yadav.jpg

Dr. Charu Yadav


Salient Highlights

  1. Next Gen Sequencing

  2. Role of Cell Culture in Biochemistry

  3. Career options in biochemistry

  4. Role of biochemists in Industry

  5. Setting up a Laboratory

  6. Rediscovering our Clinical Side

  7. Role in monitoring Pre Analytical errors – Power of Data Mining

  8. IEM and Genetic disorders – what are we missing?

  9. Handling tricky situations – what worked for me..

  • Workshop on : 

  1. HLA Typing

  2. Capillary Electrophoresis / Immunotyping and      Immunofixation electrophoresis.

  • 25 Oral presentation (15 minutes each) for PG with lucrative prizes  Last date for receipt of abstract : 31 Mar 2021

  send abstract to

  Selection for oral / e-poster will be intimated on email by 10th  Apr 2021.




  • Accommodation @ Rs 1000/- for two days (16 Ni and 17 Ni)

  • 50 rooms only on first come first serve basis.

Note:  (any additional expenditure will have to be borne by the participants)

Cocktails and DJ night (17 Apr 2021)
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